Vitamins - Facts About 12 Essential Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for your body and your health and therefore we will discuss the most important vitamins in this speed course, as listed below.

But when discussing vitamins, you should realize two important things:

  1. Although, for the sake of convenience, we will discuss the most important vitamins seperately, you must be aware that in nature, vitamins do not exist in isolation; they exist in complexes.

  2. While many vitamins serve some individual purposes, the more common way for vitamins to function is as cofactors to, or in partnership with, other vitamins, minerals, nutrients or other substances, such as enzymes.
    The mathematical possible number of combinations of these various substances is what makes good nutrition very complex.

Two of the most powerful and the most essential vitamin partnerships are:

Ok, let's discuss the most important vitamins.
Here they are:

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