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Healthy Food Info provides information about healthy food and related elements, like vitamin supplements, antioxidants, probiotics, phytochemicals diets and everything else...

with the single goal of trying to persuade YOU...

To Eat More Healthy Food!

"Ha Ha! Nice try Pal!"

No WAIT! Bear with me for just ONE minute.
To achieve that, let's consider your body is a...


Take a close look.
It's, by far, the most beautiful machine ever created. It can do so many things.
Thousands of muscles allow you to move in all directions. Millions of lightning fast neurons that smoothly control movements and actions. Billions of cells allow you to think, invent, create, communicate, do business, make music, socialize, party and... LIVE!

The output of this machine is endless. No limits. It's a...


The downside is, you only got one (1) specimen of it.
Called 'The Original'.

The reason I emphasize this, is because you're used to trade old machines for new ones. Think car, fridge, house, household appliances, etc.
Despite plastic surgery, you can't do that with your body!

Like any machine though, it needs fuel as input. Not electricity or gas, but FOOD!

Your daily intake of food is the fuel for your body to funcion properly. Your digestive system breaks the food down to usable little elements that is used as energy to perform tasks (catabolism) and to re-build your bodies (anabolism).

Consuming healthy food is very important in the anabolism-process. Let me explain that.

The rebuilding of your body is a complex task. Yet it happens every day, sometimes even in hours.
About 7% of your body weight is blood fluid and blood cells, most of which are replaced in about 115-120 days. Cells that line the inside and outside of your body are often rapidly dividing every 20 or so hours.

Each year a great part of your body is REPLACED and here's the most important part of this wonderful system:

Your body uses everything
that goes in through your mouth
as building material.

That means all bad fats, sugars and other wrong things that you take in will be used to replenish all old cells. Your body doesn't really care what the input is, it is build to take everything it gets and make the best out of it.

Now, that leads to the following:

Eating the wrong food over a period of time...
can lead to diseases, because your old cells..
are replaced with new ones that were..

But here's the big secret. The opposite is also true:

“Cells that were built using wrong food...
simply by eating healthy food!”

Did you get that?
If not, read those two sentences again. It means you can IMPROVE your body's health situation by simply eating healthy foods! It's amazing, isn't it?

That's exactly why healthy nutrition is so important, even if you haven't taken that before. Health food works like a vitamin for your body.

This is a wake up call. Start eating healthy food. To do so...

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